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Unlock Up to 700 Extra Bookings in the Next 30 Days and Thrive with Our Expertise. Our Clients Witness Significant Changes: 700+ Bookings in Just One Month!

Social Media

Meta Ads

Winning Meta Ads, guaranteeing a steady flow of clients from content to campaign setup.

Local Marketing

Business Profile optimization, organic traffic growth, and citation management


Instagram SMM and organic content creation for your brand's organic growth


Elevate your website's search visibility with our SEO expertise for higher rankings and organic traffic

Google Ads

Our profound expertise in the beauty and health industry ensures we create the best-performing ads for your success

Xiaohongshu (Chinese Marketing)

Expand your reach to Chinese clients with our tailored marketing

Our Approach

Kickstart your clinic or business journey with our comprehensive services. We provide tailored websites, optimize your online presence with SEO and Google My Business profiles, and launch effective Meta and Google Ads campaigns. Benefit from our swift delivery and proven track record for rapid growth

Discover Genuine Growth with Us

We understand the challenges of starting a healthcare business. Many agencies promise much but deliver little. With us, the story changes. Our agency has a proven track record of success. We’ve partnered with clinics, helping them thrive and grow, celebrating their successes as our own. Let us handle the details, from forms to market insights. Trust our expertise and watch your business shine

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Website Development

At Boost My Clinic, we craft user-friendly, SEO-optimized sites that resonate with your brand, ensuring your digital footprint leaves a lasting impact.

Meta&Google Ads

Discover the difference with our unmatched promise: 100+ guaranteed appointments per month. Our expert team manages Google and Meta Ads while optimizing your Google Business profile. Elevate your business with our proven track record of exceptional results.

Chinese Marketing

Our specialized Chinese marketing team ensures promotion in Chinese social media platforms in UK, Europe, UAE, US and provides dedicated Chinese customer care assistance. This approach leads to sales growth with minimal entry costs.

SEO Optimization

Our SEO Elevate Package ensures your beauty or medical business climbs search engine ranks, driving organic traffic and enhancing brand presence. Elevate your online visibility today.


Maximize your online impact with our efficient PPC Advertising Service. We focus on targeted, data-driven campaigns that ensure your ads reach the right audience. Benefit from keyword optimization, increased website traffic, and higher conversion rates, all with measurable ROI.

Web Design and Content Creation

Specializing in Brand Identity, Web Design, and Digital Content Creation: From Trending Reels to Logos, Product Designs, and More

Consulting Services

Enhance your brand's impact with our Strategic Marketing Consulting. Specializing in market analysis, branding, and digital strategies, we deliver innovative campaigns for growth and customer engagement. Benefit from data-driven insights and tailored solutions for lasting market success.

Discover Genuine Growth with Us

We deeply understand the challenges of establishing a business from the ground up. The journey, filled with unmet promises, daunting rates, and underwhelming results from other agencies, can be disheartening. But with us, the narrative changes. At our agency, success is not just a word—it’s a proven track record. We’re proud to have partnered with clinics for years, watching them thrive, expand, and integrate the latest technologies. When they open new branches or upgrade with the latest machines, it’s not just their success—it’s ours. Choose a partner that celebrates your growth as its own. Join us and experience the real difference. Let us handle the details, from designing consent forms to delivering market insights and setting optimal pricing. With our top-tier website development and streamlined booking system, we ensure your online operations are seamless and efficient. Trust in our expertise, and watch your business shine.

Package: Immediate Boost

Our Immediate Boost package is strategically designed to deliver unparalleled digital marketing results, promising up to 700 new clients monthly. It achieves this through a combination of constant calls, enhanced request engagement, and a significant increase in organic traffic. This holistic approach ensures sustained business growth and a robust online presence for our clients

Digital Dominion Package

Transform your digital presence with our Digital Dominion Package, a seamless blend of website development, Google and Meta Ads, enhanced SEO, content creation, and Instagram management. This all-in-one solution is crafted to elevate your brand and ensure dominance in the digital landscape

Client Case Study:
London Beauty Clinic

London Beauty Clinic, nestled in the heart of London, has earned its stellar reputation for exceptional services. However, the journey to its current success was far from smooth. Owner Giulia faced numerous challenges before achieving her current stature.

The Challenge:
Giulia had previously partnered with multiple marketing agencies, investing substantial monthly fees, yet yielding dismal results. The clinic grappled with stagnant growth, and the ROI on their marketing endeavors was virtually non-existent.

Our Intervention:

Before collaborating with us, Giulia had teamed up with various marketing agencies. Despite paying substantial monthly fees, the results were dismal. The clinic struggled to witness growth, and the ROI (Return On Investment) on their marketing efforts was practically non-existent.


Partner with us and unlock the assurance of 100+ guaranteed clients every month. Experience a transformative growth journey like never before with Boost My Clinic.

Esma Guran Designation

Big thanks to Boost My Clinic, especially to Lolita, for providing invaluable advice on Google Business Profile optimization. Their expertise has been instrumental in targeting the specific needs of our brow salon. Highly appreciative of their personalized and effective approach

Giulia Tom Designation

From my personal journey, I've collaborated with countless agencies, and none have delivered results quite like Boost My Clinic. I've invested thousands of pounds, been given countless promises, only to be left with unmet expectations. However, with Boost My Clinic, the transformation was nothing short of miraculous. For my multiple businesses, we now see a minimum of 20 appointments daily and are expanding with new franchises worldwide. It's not just about numbers; it's about trust, and Boost My Clinic has earned mine.

Dr.Mihaela Designation

I am incredibly pleased with the service I received, which included the removal of malware from my website, website development, SEO, and ghost posting. The work was completed promptly, and I'm truly in love with my new website and the features it offers.I am truly in love with my newly revamped website. Its advanced features and improved performance have exceeded my expectations. The professionalism and skill demonstrated by the team have been instrumental in transforming my website into a dynamic and engaging platform

Sadyw Drawis Designation

I recently engaged the services of 'Boost My Clinic' for my healthcare practice, and the experience has been nothing short of transformative. From the onset, their team demonstrated a deep understanding of the unique marketing needs of a medical clinic. Their approach to enhancing our online presence was both strategic and innovative.

Ready to See Results?

At our agency, success is not just a word—it’s a proven track record. We’re proud to have partnered with clinics for years, watching them thrive, expand, and integrate the latest technologies. When they open new branches or upgrade with the latest machines, it’s not just their success—it’s ours. Choose a partner that celebrates your growth as its own. Join us and experience the real difference.