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Welcome to Boost My Clinic, where transformation in healthcare business is not just a vision, but a reality we’ve been crafting for over 8 years. At the helm of our visionary journey is Lolita Michuk, a beacon of innovation in business development and marketing within the healthcare industry. Lolita’s journey, rooted in a deep understanding of the healthcare sector’s unique challenges and opportunities, has been nothing short of extraordinary.

At Boost My Clinic, we stand out for our in-depth knowledge of the latest machines, treatments, and trends in the beauty and aesthetic industry. Our familiarity with a diverse range of technologies and procedures ensures that we can effectively market any treatment. Whether it’s the latest in beauty trends or cutting-edge aesthetic technology, we have the expertise to showcase and promote it effectively.

As the driving force behind Boost My Clinic, Lolita has leveraged her exceptional skill set and strategic acumen to launch and elevate more than 10 medical businesses from their nascent stages. Her marketing strategies are far from theoretical; they are proven methodologies that have propelled these businesses to generate up to £2 million in annual revenue.

Lolita’s expertise shines brightest in her ability to transform clinics and healthcare businesses. Her innovative approaches have unlocked up to 700 extra bookings within just 30 days for various healthcare establishments, a testament to her marketing prowess and deep understanding of healthcare market dynamics.

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Lolita Michuk



Gemma Chan

Marketing Specialist


Muhammad Jabbar

SEO Specialist


Shah Farooq



Davide P

Graphic Designer and Advertising Expert


Muhammad Undar

System Administrator and Cyber Security Expert

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the pricing determined for website and digital development services?

Our pricing is tailored to each client’s specific needs, depending on factors like the number of services, products, or treatments you want to advertise, the amount of keywords, the number of pages on your website, and specific design requests. We start with a consultation to create the best plan for your conditions and goals.

What kind of services does Boost My Clinic provide? Can I choose just one service?

Yes, clients can select any specific service. Our range of services is comprehensive and includes custom website development, SEO and Google My Business optimization, targeted Meta and Google Ads campaigns, and sales training for personnel. We aim to deliver outstanding results, with a strong emphasis on ROI.

Can you provide an example of the results achieved by your clients?

Absolutely! For instance, one of our regular clients achieved an impressive return, generating £100,000 per month with a marketing spend of just £4,500. This highlights our commitment to developing strategies that provide substantial ROI and growth for our clients.

How do you enhance online visibility and organic traffic for your clients?

 We focus on improving your online presence through effective SEO practices and optimizing your Google My Business profile. This ensures that your clinic or business is more discoverable online, attracting more potential clients and increasing web traffic.

What is your approach to advertising and marketing?

Our approach to advertising involves crafting targeted campaigns on platforms like Meta and Google. We concentrate on creating ads that not only reach your target audience but also encourage conversions, ensuring efficient use of your advertising budget.

Do you work with Chinese networks?

Yes, we work with Xiaohongshu and have seen amazing results with almost no investment for our clients. We highly recommend businesses in large cities such as Rome or London to use this platform. Schedule a consultation with us, and we will help you harness the potential of Xiaohongshu for your business.

Ready to See Results?

At our agency, success is not just a word—it’s a proven track record. We’re proud to have partnered with clinics for years, watching them thrive, expand, and integrate the latest technologies. When they open new branches or upgrade with the latest machines, it’s not just their success—it’s ours. Choose a partner that celebrates your growth as its own. Join us and experience the real difference.