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Website Development& Optimising
Google & Meta Ads
E-mail Marketing

Begin your business journey with our expertly crafted services designed for success. From the foundation of a tailored, user-friendly website to essential consent and aftercare documentation, we’ve got you covered. Boost your online visibility with our SEO strategies, Google My Business, and  profile setups. Stand out with listings on top professional platforms and effective Met and Google Ads campaigns.

Benefit from our swift one-month delivery and proven track record, positioning your business for unparalleled growth. Each of our offerings can be availed individually, tailored to your specific needs. Don’t want to commit to a full package? No problem. Simply pick and choose the services that align with your objectives. For individual service pricing and details, please send us an inquiry. We’re here to provide flexible solutions for your business success.

Our Services

Website Development

At Boost My Clinic, we craft user-friendly, SEO-optimized sites that resonate with your brand, ensuring your digital footprint leaves a lasting impact.

Meta&Google Ads

Discover the difference with our unmatched promise: 100+ guaranteed appointments per month. Our expert team manages Google and Meta Ads while optimizing your Google Business profile. Elevate your business with our proven track record of exceptional results.

Chinese Marketing

Our specialized Chinese marketing team ensures promotion in Chinese social media platforms in UK, Europe, UAE, US and provides dedicated Chinese customer care assistance. This approach leads to sales growth with minimal entry costs.

SEO Optimization

Our SEO Elevate Package ensures your beauty or medical business climbs search engine ranks, driving organic traffic and enhancing brand presence. Elevate your online visibility today.


Boost My Clinic specializes in bespoke SMM services, expertly crafted for healthcare professionals. Our mission is to elevate your clinic's online presence, connecting you with a wider audience while showcasing your medical expertise and care

Brand Identity

Boost My Clinic provides essential brand identity services for healthcare professionals, focusing on distinctive logo design, unified brand voice, and cohesive online presence. Our expertise in marketing materials, website design, and social media branding helps elevate your clinic's image and connect with your audience effectively

Comprehensive Digital Onboarding for Clinics

Let us handle the details, from designing consent forms to delivering market insights and setting optimal pricing. With our streamlined booking system, we ensure your online operations are seamless and efficient.

Elevate Your Medical Practice with Boost My Clinic's Expert Medical Advertising Services

  • Google Ads for Doctors and Clinics: Dominate search results, ensuring a steady stream of patients.

  • Medical PPC: Pay only for results as we deliver immediate visibility.

  • Facebook & Instagram Ads: Engage potential patients on social media platforms.

  • YouTube Ads: Utilize video to maximize your exposure.

  • Geofencing & Location-Based Ads: Target your ideal audience geographically.

  • Programmatic Ads: Data-driven strategies for ROI optimization.

  • Display & Retargeting Ads: Capture attention and re-engage potential patients.

Trust Boost My Clinic to make your medical practice a top contender on Google’s first page, driving consistent income and immediate inquiries. Let’s elevate your online presence for unparalleled success! Contact us today.

Package: Immediate Boost

Our Immediate Boost package is strategically designed to deliver unparalleled digital marketing results, promising up to 700 new clients monthly. It achieves this through a combination of constant calls, enhanced request engagement, and a significant increase in organic traffic. This holistic approach ensures sustained business growth and a robust online presence for our clients

Digital Dominion Package

Transform your digital presence with our Digital Dominion Package, a seamless blend of website development, Google and Meta Ads, enhanced SEO, content creation, and Instagram management. This all-in-one solution is crafted to elevate your brand and ensure dominance in the digital landscape

Social Media

At Boost My Clinic, we understand the importance of focusing on metrics that directly impact your bottom line. We don’t waste time on irrelevant indicators; instead, we concentrate on real client engagement and results. Our expertise covers a range of providers like BTL, Lumenis, Hydrafacial, Cutera, and Morpheus 8, enabling us to effectively promote any treatment you offer.

We believe in a bespoke approach. We take the time to understand the intricacies of your business, strategize its positioning, and ensure it gets the exposure needed to meet your goals.

We know that many clinics have been disappointed by other agencies in the past. That’s why, at Boost My Clinic, we stand apart by not just promising, but guaranteeing results. We acknowledge that growth involves risks, but we’re committed to navigating you through them successfully.

With Boost My Clinic, you can expect a surge in high-quality leads and appointments, leading to greater stability for your practice. Expand your team, introduce new treatments, open new locations, pay off your equipment sooner, and enjoy a newfound sense of freedom.

Let us work in the trenches of your business, so you can focus on its growth and future. Boost My Clinic is here to transform the way you see results.

Meta Ads

Winning Meta Ads, guaranteeing a steady flow of clients from content to campaign setup.

Local Marketing

Business Profile optimization, organic traffic growth, and citation management


Instagram SMM and organic content creation for your brand's organic growth


Elevate your website's search visibility with our SEO expertise for higher rankings and organic traffic

Google Ads

Our profound expertise in the beauty and health industry ensures we create the best-performing ads for your success

Xiaohongshu (Chinese Marketing)

Expand your reach to Chinese clients with our tailored marketing

Manage Facebook Ads products

Boost My Business specializes in Meta ads and Instagram promotions, offering comprehensive services including content creation, page management, Instagram newsletters, and influencer marketing. Elevate your business’s online presence and effectively connect with your target audience through our tailored digital marketing solutions.

Get top rankings on Google

Are you a healthcare professional seeking to attract more patients? Boost My Clinic specializes in Medical Advertising, driving your services to the forefront of Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Our expertise ensures top-ranked Google Ads, consistently boosting your income and generating immediate patient inquiries.

Digital Marketing solutions

Please note that you have the option to select just one service from our packages, and we are more than willing to discuss and tailor the rate to offer you the best possible deal.

Google Ads (PPC) or Meta Ads

£399 Per 1 Ad Set

  • Cost-effective advertising solutions
  • Brilliant targeting. Beloved ads. Big results
  • Keyword Research
  • Trusted Google AdWords Advertisers
  • Ad Customization
  • Tracking and Analytics
  • A/B Testing
  • Compliance with Advertising Regulations

Package: Immediate Boost

  • Choose our PPC services to position your healthcare practice as a leader in the digital realm. Contact us today to discuss your needs and explore how we can help you achieve your online marketing objectives.
  • PPC Ads, Business Profile Optimization
  • Integrated Google Ads
  • Adaptive Online Growth Plans
  • Enhace your calls bookings and inquires
  • Keyword analysis : Daily
  • Customized Business Profile Optimization
  • Focused on ROI
  • Targeted Advertising Strategy
  • Weekly reports and analytics
  • Onboarding training and unlimited sales advice.

Digital Dominion Package

  • Google, Youtube and Meta Ads
  • Four Email Newsletters a Month
  • Enhanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Content Creation focused on Organic Traffic and ROI
  • Instagram Management
  • Social Media Strategy
  • 24/7 Whats App Support
  • Onboarding training and unlimited sales advice.

Website Development

  • ustomized Website Design
  • SEO-Optimized Content Creation
  • Effective Call-to-Actions: Strategically placed to enhance patient engagement and conversion
  • Responsive and High-Quality Design
  • Integrated Online Tools: Including live chat, appointment forms, Google Maps, and analytics integration
  • Target Audience Engagement: Every element of your website is strategically designed to resonate with your specific patient demographic, ensuring maximum engagement and retention
  • Optimized Online Presence
  • Speed Optimization and Security
  • Unlimited Revisions and Full Support: Your satisfaction is our priority. We offer unlimited revisions until you're completely satisfied and provide full support post-launch, including easy-to-follow video tutorials for site management.

Website Support & Maintenance

From £500 Per month

  • Our Comprehensive Maintenance Services Include:
  • Regular Updates and Backups
  • Security Monitoring and Malware Protection
  • Assistance with updating and managing your website's content, keeping it fresh and relevant
  • In case of any emergencies, our team is ready to respond promptly to resolve any critical issues.
  • Ongoing updates to improve navigation, accessibility, and overall user experience on your site.
  • Technical Support and Troubleshooting
  • Receive regular reports on website performance, user engagement metrics, and other key insights to help you understand and improve your online presence.
  • Performance Optimization

Social Media Management

  • Crafting a personalized social media strategy that aligns with your clinic’s goals, brand voice, and target audience.
  • Content Creation and Curation
  • Strategic Follower Growth &Conversion-Optimized Campaigns
  • Sales Funnel Optimization
  • Maintaining a regular posting schedule to keep your audience engaged and informed, while increasing your online visibility
  • Actively engaging with your audience through comments, messages, and social interactions to build a loyal community.
  • Instagram Management
  • Monitoring your online presence and swiftly addressing any concerns or feedback to maintain a positive brand image.
  • Clients Engagement and Community Building
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Influencer Collaborations

Basic SEO Package

  • Duration: Minimum 6 months
  • Features: Initial SEO audit and strategy planning On-page optimization (up to 10 pages) Keyword research and optimization Monthly performance reports
  • Effective Call-to-Actions: Strategically placed to enhance patient engagement and conversion
  • Best for: Small businesses or startups looking to establish an online presence.

Standard SEO Package

  • Duration: Minimum 6 months, recommended 12 months for optimal results
  • Features: All features of the Basic package On-page optimization (up to 20 pages) Content creation and blog management (2 posts/month) Basic link-building strategy Bi-weekly performance reports
  • Effective Call-to-Actions: Strategically placed to enhance patient engagement and conversion
  • Best for: Medium-sized businesses seeking a more comprehensive SEO strategy.

Premium SEO Package

  • Duration: Minimum 12 months for substantial results
  • Features: All features of the Standard package Advanced on-page optimization (up to 40 pages) Enhanced content strategy, including blog and video content (4 posts/month) Advanced link-building and outreach strategy Weekly performance reports and analytics Dedicated account manager
  • Best for: Larger businesses or those in competitive industries needing a robust SEO solution.

Elite SEO Package

  • Duration: Minimum 12-24 months for extensive and aggressive SEO campaign
  • Features: All features of the Premium package Comprehensive on-page and off-page optimization (unlimited pages) Custom content creation including blogs, videos, and infographics (8 posts/month) Aggressive link-building and digital PR campaigns Real-time analytics and performance tracking Priority customer support and consultancy
  • Best for: Enterprise-level businesses or those looking for an aggressive growth strategy in highly competitive markets.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the pricing determined for website and digital development services?

Our pricing is tailored to each client’s specific needs, depending on factors like the number of services, products, or treatments you want to advertise, the amount of keywords, the number of pages on your website, and specific design requests. We start with a consultation to create the best plan for your conditions and goals.

What kind of services does Boost My Clinic provide? Can I choose just one service?

Yes, clients can select any specific service. Our range of services is comprehensive and includes custom website development, SEO and Google My Business optimization, targeted Meta and Google Ads campaigns, and sales training for personnel. We aim to deliver outstanding results, with a strong emphasis on ROI.

Can you provide an example of the results achieved by your clients?

Absolutely! For instance, one of our regular clients achieved an impressive return, generating £100,000 per month with a marketing spend of just £4,500. This highlights our commitment to developing strategies that provide substantial ROI and growth for our clients.

How do you enhance online visibility and organic traffic for your clients?

 We focus on improving your online presence through effective SEO practices and optimizing your Google My Business profile. This ensures that your clinic or business is more discoverable online, attracting more potential clients and increasing web traffic.

What is your approach to advertising and marketing?

Our approach to advertising involves crafting targeted campaigns on platforms like Meta and Google. We concentrate on creating ads that not only reach your target audience but also encourage conversions, ensuring efficient use of your advertising budget.

Do you work with Chinese networks?

Yes, we work with Xiaohongshu and have seen amazing results with almost no investment for our clients. We highly recommend businesses in large cities such as Rome or London to use this platform. Schedule a consultation with us, and we will help you harness the potential of Xiaohongshu for your business.